H O L L Y   J O L L Y  G I N G E R B R E A D  D E C O R A T I N G  C O N T E S T

gingerbread houses

This event will be in conjunction with ‘Christmas in Qville’ and will be held INSIDE Building #7 of the Solanco Fairgrounds (next to the Kreider Building)!  Houses will be on display for the event throughout the day and will be judged by SECA board members. Winners will be announced at the end of the event.

Prizes:  1st Place – $100, 2nd Place – $75, 3rd Place – $25

  • There is no theme for this competition-it is not required to be holiday related.
  • Registration/drop off deadline is 2-9 pm on Friday, December 8th at Building #7 (next to the Kreider Building) of Solanco Fairgrounds.
  • No entries will be permitted after 9 pm Friday, December 8th!

See the registration form (link below) for the rules.

**Questions: Call SECA President, Barb Tollinger at 717-330-5749 or the SECA Office at 717-806-0123.

For more info, call or email SECA: 717-806-0123 / admin@secarec.com

Registration Forms:

2023 Holly Jolly Gingerbread House Contest Registration Form