We love when folks send us pictures of the whoppers they scored the SECA pond.



Keep ’em coming. We’ll add them to this collection of 2020 fish tales so far! And they are all back in the pond now if you’re feeling lucky!


Patience paid off over a late July weekend for 10-year-old Anthony, who attends Quarryville Elementary. What was this big old carp hungry for? Chopped up hotdogs.


Thirteen-year-old Mason McWilliams landed this boss bass with an Ozark Trail Minnow.


Cameron caught this old bubba in June. The 11-year-old regular visitor to the pond, who had just wrapped fifth grade at Quarryville Elementary, used a 6-pound line, and a rigged bobber made from a stick and corn.










And finally here are some pictures from our first Youth Fishing Derby early this year.  The big guys apparently didn’t feel like coming out to play that day. But the 10-inch-and-under crowd was eager for attention and kept Mr. Rick hustling with the measuring tape. A few more years in the pond and they’ll be looking just like those guys above!